Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to install floating Vinyl Plank Flooring

Hi everyone, 

I just installed a floating vinyl floor in one of my basement rental units and an attic bedroom.  I avoid laminate and wood flooring in basements due to moisture and potential flood damage.  I'm not a fan of wall to wall carpeting for the same reasons and because it traps dust, debris, and odour.  Tile is great for basements but it can be cold and expensive.   

Depending on the neighborhood, client profile, and the rental rate you wish to achieve it may make sence to spend the extra money on faux wood ceramic tile flooring. 

It's important to have an understanding of how the style and materials used in your rental units, even basement apartments, will affect how fast it will rent, how long tenants will stay, and how much they will pay for the space.

 For my particular install I used Allure Golden Maple Vinyl flooring.  The color and faux wood grain was a very close match to the existing white oak floors in the upper units of the property.  I was introduced to the product from a client of mine, Young-Ho, who recently installed Allure flooring in his Martial Arts Dojo, CFH STUDIO, at St Clair and Bathurst in Toronto.  If its tuff enough for the Dojo it'll do just fine in the basement. 

I'll get some pictures up ASAP.  Enjoy the video.